As a member of GreenField Health, you enjoy a deeper relationship with your provider, ready access, and overall better health care.

Benefits of Membership

Ready Access

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GreenField Health Values Relationships.

Quality Time


When you see your provider, you should expect his or her complete attention.

Trustworthy Team

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Members can rely on our qualified, committed team of medical professionals.

Expert Guidance

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We help our members navigate the complex health care system.

What People Are Saying

Professional, competent, warm and friendly.
Marilyn R.

I recently established care with GreenField. I have never been to an office quite like yours and I have never had so much face time with a doctor. It was such a great experience! I felt like a real person and my doctor took the time to get to know me and my medical history. I'm so happy with the choice to establish care with GreenField.
Katie C.

It is a concierge where you pay a fee upfront per year plus you use your insurance and then they are able to carry on with much smaller patient load and so you get same day service. It is fabulous care--the best I have ever had.
Morton K.

Member Guide

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Monthly Fee

GreenField Health is unique in that our members pay a monthly fee based on age, ranging from $12.75 per month for a child and increases with age to $69.50 per month for those who are 70 years old and older. The fee allows us to offer unrushed comprehensive primary care. Every clinician has ample time for office visits and desk time to answer their patients' secure messages, return phone calls, and follow-up with specialists.