Ready Access

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GreenField Health values patient / provider relationships. Nothing impedes this connection like being unable to reach your provider at your time of need. We offer secure messaging, which enables members to ask questions, renew prescriptions, and share updates in a secure, HIPAA-compliant setting. Unlike other clinics, Greenfield's providers are available 24-7. In other words, if you’ve got food poisoning on a business trip at 2 AM in Chicago, you can reach your doctor—and they will call you back within 30 minutes. Itchy with a nasty case of poison oak from a hike in the Gorge over the weekend? Our on call provider will connect with you promptly. How about that nagging cough that won’t go away? Call us, and we’ll get you seen within a day.

GreenField’s system is more in-line with the way I work. I can communicate with my doctor by email, telephone or a face-to-face meeting. I use the system that works best, which equals increased efficiency for everyone.

Enrique C.

Quality Time With Your Clinician


When you see your doctor, you should expect his or her complete attention. GreenField Health understands this.  We make sure our members get plenty of time with their provider. We also know that you take time out of your busy schedule to be here, so our lobby isn’t a waiting room—it’s a lobby. Once you check in, we’ll get you to an exam room in no time. For us, time with you—to hear your concerns, address your questions, appreciate your unique life—is the essence of our practice.

I have the best doctor! I had a perplexing medical issue that no one could figure out but my GreenField doctor did. She listened to me, looked at the facts, identified things that didn't make sense and logically went through a process of finding out why I had certain symptoms. What she found required corrective surgery and medication and my health improved dramatically.

Kate C.

Trustworthy Team

benefits ready access

Dealing with a chronic condition, a feverish child, or a worrisome new symptom is hard enough.  But it’s even harder when you don’t know who to trust.  Millions turn to Google only to find unrealistic, alarming possibilities.  All GreenField members have a dedicated clinical care team that consists of their provider and health coordinator, a dynamic duo dedicated to you.

When you walk in, you'll know right away Greenfield isn't like other practices.  There are no offices here to isolate providers from their medical assistants or other team members. Instead, we've designed Greenfield to have the providers and health coordinators working elbow-to-elbow in an open space that fosters collaboration, efficiency, and exceptional care.

Members can also rely on our professional administrative team who are ready and able to assist with referrals, medical records requests, and insurance billing questions. So as a GreenField member, you’ve got a complete healthcare team ready to take the field on your behalf.

Kudos to my physician, her assistants, the painless phlebotomist, the charming, friendly, smiling people at the receptionist desk and whenever they answer the phone. Makes me feel like dropping in just for a cup of coffee and a treatment of friendliness.

Kim K.

Expert Guidance

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Ah, the health care system—how we love you.

Well, we do love the diagnostic advances, the responsiveness to public health events, and the dedication of its practitioners. But it’s a colossal system in a vast ocean of complexity with rules and processes that don’t seem to make much sense. At GreenField, we help our members navigate through the bureaucratic thickets of prior authorizations and EOBs. We make sure you get the right test only when it’s necessary, that you get that referral in no time, and that the report from your visit to the ER makes it into your chart. Consider us your personal Lewis and Clark of the health care system—intrepid and undaunted.