Our members pay a monthly fee that gives them access to these benefits. The fee allows us to offer attentive, un-rushed, comprehensive primary care that changes the game of how healthcare is delivered.

Your Payment Options

Age Monthly Fee
0-17 $12.75
18-24 $24.50
25-29 $27.75
30-39 $37.25
40-49 $45.75
50-59 $54.50
60-69 $56.50
70+ $69.50

Annual Family Cap:

  • (Westside): $1,440 - applies when two or more individuals from the same family join the practice. (The family cap pertains to an IRS-defined family.)
  • (Eastside): $660 - is offered to families with children. For example, one or both parents and one or more children in the family join the practice.

Cash Pay Policy:

We offer a 20% discount for patients who pay in full for an office visit at the time of service. This discount is targeted to patients who do not have an insurance policy and who will pay us directly for their office visits. This discount does not apply for payment of GreenField's annual fee.

Eating Disorder Care:

For those members receiving care from Dr. Paula Koeller, the rate is $75 a month. Dr. Koeller is one of only a few doctors in the state of Oregon who specializes in treating patients with eating disorders. She works with both adolescents and young adults up to age 30.

For More Information:

Contact our New Patient Navigator, Mary Johnson at (503) 292-9560.

Does my MSA/HSA cover the annual fee?

Most of our patients are able to submit an invoice from us for their monthly or annual membership fees to their MSA/HSA for reimbursement. We are happy to provide you with an example of such an invoice if you would like to see if it is something that your MSA/HSA would cover.

What does the annual fee cover?

A calm, thoughtful, respectful, and un-rushed office experience.

Extended telephone consultations with your provider, with or without a related face-to-face encounter. This works well for medication adjustments, interpretation of diagnostic tests, arrangement of consultations with specialists, follow-up of an existing problem, a family conversation when facing difficult decisions, or just answering questions about your care.

Secure email communication with your physician, with or without a related office visit. This is a great way to communicate when time is less of an issue, and when you prefer written answers to your questions. It is also very useful when you want to share information with family or friends.

Your personal physician on call for your urgent needs after hours on weekdays. On weekends, one of our trusted team physicians answers calls for the whole practice. Thus, we are available, 24/7/365 for personal service, with secure access to your medical records in order to provide the personal care that you desire.

Decreased—or non-existent—wait times both in and out of the office.

Prenatal consultation to discuss newborn care (at Eastside) - we think that the best time to start the conversation about how best to care for your child is before your baby is born. We will provide a consultation with you to discuss your baby’s health issues such as infant feeding, lactation, urinary and bowel habits, umbilical cord care, circumcision, signs of illness, jaundice, sleep issues, and car seat safety. As part of the monthly or annual fee for your newborn, we will provide one face-to face consultation and we will be available for email or phone questions during the last few months of your pregnancy just to make sure you and your baby get a great start.

Appropriate, Comprehensive, and Up-to-date Care

We strive to stay up to date with both advances in medical care and current recommendations on standards in medical care. We help you to separate healthcare “hype” over new un-tested treatments from those that are truly clinically tested and evidenced-based treatments.

We strive to create systems to ensure that you stay current on screening items such as mammograms and colon cancer screening and that you receive appropriate care for any chronic conditions you may have.

We wish for you to be an informed patient and we provide you with access to our website portal as well as a subscription to our outstanding online monthly health information newsletter, Health Matters.

Your fee supports our efforts to test out new ideas, some of which will be terrific -- some of which will flop. Ideas that we have piloted so far include secure, direct email with your physician as a mainstream part of your care, Kryptiq's Care Manager program which helps coordinate care for patients with chronic diseases, and Personal Health Record notebooks, which we develop for each patient. We appreciate your confidence and encouragement as we push the limit of medical care delivery to define and demonstrate how health care ought to be.