Our daughter was born earlier this year, and like most first time parents we had our share of concerns. Fortunately, we found Greenfield Health.

Jon B. (via Yelp)

GreenField was originally recommended by two co-workers, and I'm glad they did. Appointments are prompt and [our doctor] is very accessible by phone and email.

Jonathan S. (via Yelp)

I am so grateful to have Greenfield Health. The staff is supportive and friendly. Absolutely the best decision I have ever made regarding my health care.

Mary P.

I have been with Greenfield for a year now and have to say thank you for wonderful service. This is much appreciated. Kudos to my physician, her assistants, the painless phlebotomist, the charming, friendly, smiling people at the receptionist desk and whenever they answer the phone. Makes me feel like dropping in just for a cup of coffee and a treatment of friendliness. GREAT JOB!

Kim K.

I think the Health Matters newsletter is excellent. Always clear and interesting. The discussion of insurance in the last issue was particularly masterful. I read it even though I didn't need the information, which is saying a lot. Sort of in sympathy with those who do, I guess. Please pass along my compliments.

Eleanor L.

I have been seeing the doctor for about 10 years. She is very responsive and great with her followups. You do not have to go through a lot of hoops to reach her. She is a great listener. I am able to email her regularly regarding my mother's health. She was also very helpful in diagnosing my husband's cancer. She is part of Greenfield Health in Portland. I have never had any problems scheduling an appointment.

Dana M. (via Angie's List)

We love them. It is great and beautiful. It is very little waiting to get an appointment. You can get it on the same day or the next day. Everyone is very pleasant. They changed the way the medicine is delivered in. I have been their patient there for 10 years. Their staff is efficient, pleasant, and helpful. They are very good at emails, communication, reach any phone calls and responsive. They are great.

Tom C. (via Angie's List)

I like everything about them. They give the same day appointments and they have everything in house that you need like labs. They are very thorough and very caring.

Ginny G.

I've worked in IT for 20 years and was a computer enthusiast for 10 years before that. I just wanted to say it is awesome to get my lab results in txt format.

Michael B.

Greenfield Health has been the clinic of choice for my family of four adults for 7 years now and remained the overall best choice for us even though my family members have all had physician changes (as several reviewers mentioned also) since we joined in 2011.

Holly L (via Yelp)

This practice has been terrific for our family. Specifically, Jose Guillen PA-C is a fantastic practitioner and has been wonderful with our nephew. He's heartful, thorough, easy to relate to, and emotes enormous trust.

Elaine S (via Yelp)

This office does a nice job. Very professional and service oriented. In a world of being shuffled around from room to room these guys do it right. One on one interactions that help you be better.

Wayne G (via Yelp)