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GreenField telehealth is safe and secure

April 9, 2020   |   By Jacqui Monahan

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, many GreenField Health patients are choosing telehealth. They can connect with doctors, nurses, nutritionists and all of our providers online to address concerns that do not require physical contact – all while social distancing at home. This option is in addition to our Curbside Care program.

GreenField has chosen Zoom to provide video conferencing for telehealth appointments. Some recent news coverage about Zoom might raise questions for patients about whether it is a secure option.

Could a telehealth session be Zoom-bombed or recorded by a third party?

No. Your telehealth conferences with GreenField providers are safe, secure and private.

We use Zoom for Healthcare, a specialized Zoom product that is vastly more secure than the free, public option that some people have reported problems with. Zoom Healthcare is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), the same standards for patient privacy that doctors and hospitals follow under federal law.

“Patient privacy is a top priority at GreenField because each patient’s health is nobody’s business but their own,” IT Administrator Brian Cooper said. “Maximizing security informs every decision we make when implementing telehealth options.”

Security starts with access control. Patients who use telehealth connect directly through our website. When they launch their telehealth session from the site, they enter a waiting state and must be admitted into the full session by their provider. Because the provider decides who gets in, outsiders cannot access the session.

We have disabled all recording options for the sessions. Neither the patient nor the provider can record the session. It also cannot be recorded by a third-party interloper.

And all Zoom Healthcare sessions are encrypted to ensure that only you and your doctor can see and hear your session.

Many health care needs can be handled remotely, and that’s more important now as Oregonians work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It’s also more convenient for busy patients and those who have challenges with driving to one of GreenField’s clinics.

Patients who were new to Zoom have told us how amazed they were at the ease of setting it up and getting connected. Our IT experts can help before your first appointment.

To schedule your telehealth visit please call the office at (503) 292-9560 and speak with your Health Coordinator who can get you scheduled for your virtual visit with your clinician.