At GreenField Health our clinicians and health coordinators collaborate with our patients and work hard to translate complex medical issues into information that our patients can use to make the best decisions for their health. We provide comprehensive primary care dedicated to treatment that addresses overall health. Our care is grounded in our values of relationship, service, and reliability.

Internal Medicine / Family Practice Physician

Remember what inspired you to become a primary care doctor? It was the opportunity to provide personal attention and care to patients of all ages. It was knowing you could schedule patient care time that fit the needs of the patient and allow you to truly develop deep relationships and care for your patients.


Resource Health Coordinator

This is primarily responsible for developing positive relationships with members/patients while assisting clinician(s) with care and coordination activities for patients. This includes reliably tracking care needs, communicating with patients and/or other providers, performing and assisting with in-house diagnostics, assisting with procedures, conducting phone calls, performing EKG’s, stocking supplies and other duties as assigned.