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Excited to announce TELEHEALTH is now available!

March 17, 2020

GreenField is excited to announce we now have Telehealth available to all our patients!

Telehealth gives you the opportunity to remain at home, but still get the health care you need. Telehealth brings many advantages for our members:

  • No transportation challenges
  • No need to take time off work
  • On-Demand options
  • Less time in the lobby
  • Less chance of being exposure to new illnesses
  • Better health

GreenField remains dedicated to overall patients care and adding this new feature is a huge benefit for all of our patients especially during this worrisome time. Both our Eastside and Westside clinics remain open for any patients who would like to come in to be seen. We are also, as always, available to you 24/7.

To schedule your Telehealth visit please call the office at (503) 292-9560 and speak with your Health Coordinator who can get you scheduled for your virtual visit with your clinician!


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