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Managing hypertension with diet and exercise

June 1, 2015

140 over 90. Keep this in mind: it's a healthy blood pressure reading and goal if you're contending with high blood pressure, aka hypertension. Over 60 and don't have diabetes or chronic kidney disease? In that case, a healthy blood pressure can be as high as 150/90. 

If you're reading this, good for you. You're here to manage a condition that untreated can damage the heart and kidneys, cause a stroke, and other bad things that you'd rather not experience if you can help it. You've got better things to do, right?

So here are links to other resources about managing hypertension. Take a look, and share the information with ones close to your heart. They are your best cheerleaders and support. 

What is high blood pressure and why is it such a bad thing? 

How can I lower my blood pressure?

What is the DASH diet?

Where else can I find good information about high blood pressure?

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