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Team Member Spotlight: Lauren Caffee, MSW, CSWA

September 15, 2020   |   By Jacqui Monahan

Lauren Caffee is a Behavioral Health Specialist here at GreenField Health and has been working as part of the team since January 2020. Lauren was drawn to GreenField because of the extra time providers get with patients. Lauren feels “When you get adequate time to explain your health needs, this gives each provider a better chance to truly help and for the patient to feel heard.” Another reason Lauren enjoys working at GreenField is the fact that she can work with individuals of all ages, from infancy to older adulthood. She finds this rewarding because she believes “there is wisdom at all ages” and she enjoys learning from her patients while also helping them find peace within themselves. Lauren was driven to social work because she has “always enjoyed helping others, and feel it is an honor to hear people’s stories” and because she is “passionate about breaking the stigma around mental health conditions, and helping people to live a fulfilling life.” GreenField really jumped out to her because she wanted to work closely with patients and primary care doctors to better serve the patients and provide them with the best care possible. Prior to joining the GreenField team Lauren worked at residential and day treatment centers for eating disorders and substance abuse.

Outside of the typical workday Lauren enjoys playing golf, taking walks, and spending time with my family and friends. She also totes herself as a “huge Adam Sandler fan”, with her favorite movie being Click (2006). When asked what her favorite GreenField memory has been Lauren said “Getting to experience my first (and hopefully last) pandemic with my incredibly resilient and hardworking colleagues. While I wouldn’t say it’s been “fun”, it’s been amazing to see how committed my teammates are to our patients.” This truly highlights the dedication this team brings to their work everyday and Lauren is no exception. She is a joy to work with and she makes GreenField a better place for both patients and fellow team members. 

Lauren’s Health Tip:

“Take note of how you’re feeling and see how that is impacting your physical health. For example, do you notice when you feel anxious you clench your jaw? Perhaps that is contributing to headaches.”

Lauren would like to thank “ each and every one of my patients who allows me to enter into their emotional world. It is a true honor and a gift.”