Compassion not complexity: Personalized care that is truly different from the norm.

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Our Mission

Born of equal measures compassion and innovative thinking, GreenField Health exists to be a potent force for personal health, family health, and community health. We are healers with a plan to recalibrate how health care is evaluated, delivered, and experienced in the Pacific Northwest.

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How Membership Works

Membership is easy! After speaking with our new patient representative, you will be sent a link to complete electronic documents and consent online.

If you’re not computer savvy, we have paper documents for you. You’ll need to complete and return a comprehensive Patient History Form before scheduling an intake call so we can prepare your chart for your first visit with your new provider. This process helps the provider to have more concentrated 1:1 time with you at your initial appointment.

We will verify your insurance so you know what your expected out-of-pocket expense will be. When the process is complete, we will schedule your first appointment. This process can be as slow or fast as you would like. It’s dependent on you to complete the process. We will expedite the process on our end to match your preference!

Become a Member

Our Philosophy of Care

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We have adopted Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s triple aim standard:

  • Improve the health of our patient population.
  • Enhance the experiences and health outcomes for each individual patient.
  • Use resources judiciously and manage costs for the benefit of our patients and the community.

We provide care that is safe and evidence-based. Evidence-based health care emphasizes the use of well-designed and conducted medical research to guide health care decision making. This is balanced with the art of medicine: combining science with our knowledge of individual patient’s values and preferences to provide the most effective care possible.

Everyone at GreenField is an essential part of our team. Our clinicians, health coordinators, and greeters work together to provide direct clinical care. Our equally professional medical records, information technology, and business office staff create and maintain our ability to care for our members.

Business Membership Program

As you evaluate your benefits offerings, consider the addition of GreenField Health’s membership model healthcare for your leadership team or all your employees.

Local companies, such as Laika and Intel, have embraced GreenField Health’s radically different approach to serve their employees with a higher level of care that includes hyper-responsiveness to accommodate busy schedules and even global travel.

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Membership Fee

Age Monthly Fee
0-17 $11.83
18-24 $24.75
25-29 $28.33
30-39 $38.78
40-49 $48.13
50-59 $57.75
60-69 $59.95
70+ $74.25
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Cash Pay Policy

We offer a 20% discount for patients who pay in full for an office visit at the time of service. This discount is targeted to patients who do not have an insurance policy and who will pay us directly for their office visits. This discount does not apply for payment of GreenField’s annual fee.