Portland Community College

PCC Medical Assisting alum loves his healthcare role

SEPT. 8, 2014—Stephen Date has a lot of patients. That’s because he’s a certified medical assistant and health coordinator with GreenField Health, a primary care clinic in Portland. The 2011 graduate of the Medical Assisting Program at Portland Community College is one of countless number of PCC alumni who have gone on to work in the health care field. The program prepares students to function under the supervision of a licensed physician or health care provider and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educational Programs in collaboration with the American Association of Medical Assistants.

Fox Business News, 4/3/14

How to Choose a Primary Care Physician

APRIL 3, 2014—Turns out, consumers may well spend more time researching the purchase of a car or a refrigerator than they do making choices surrounding whom they will trust with their care. "If a PCP has to generate revenue by hitting a certain number of visits each day, even the best-hearted physician may hit the wall when it comes to cultivating the all important physician-patient relationship, says [GreenField Administrator Steve] Rallison."

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Portland's GreenField Health will pilot 'digital checkups'

FEB. 25, 2014—GreenField Health, a Portland-based primary care clinic, has launched a pilot test with San Francisco-based Conversa Health, a cloud-based digital care platform that helps doctors manage their relationships with patients, the two announced today. "Care is always necessary, but visits aren't always necessary," said Steve Rallison, GreenField's administrator. "Connecting with patients between visits is becoming more and more important as we move away from a visit-centric delivery system."

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Elizabeth Hayes: Q&A with David Shute on 'Choosing Wisely'

JAN. 24, 2014—When it comes to using health care wisely, less can be more. So says the brain trust behind a national campaign called Choosing Wisely, which the Oregon Medical Association is promoting big time in an effort to curb unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.

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'Choosing Wisely' campaign aims to curb overuse of certain tests and treatments

JAN. 22, 2014—A major thrust of health reform has been to give more people access to care. But there’s also a countervailing movement underway to rein in some excesses, including routine screenings that aren’t proven effective and overuse of antibiotics. “It’s about changing the culture,” said Dr. David Shute, a physician/adviser to the national campaign and a physician and medical director of Portland-based GreenField Health. "The point of Choosing Wisely is not that you should never do this, but the physician and patient should have a conversation about it and make an informed decision."

Healthcare Finance News

Subscribing to your doctor

SEPTEMBER 2013--In a white paper released last spring written for the Physicians Foundation, healthcare industry analyst Jeff Goldsmith argued for a subscription model in which patients would pay a monthly fee to their doctor. It’s a proposal that set the foundation talking and is sure to result in strong opinions from payers, providers and patients.

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Kilo, OHSU tackle health care costs

FEB 1, 2013—The co-founder and CEO of the first private practice in Portland to charge patients annual fees for premium health care now finds himself deep in the nitty gritty of reinventing how Oregon provides care for its neediest citizens.

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GreenField Health's expansion

JULY 13, 2012—GreenField Health System LLC celebrates its 11th anniversary with a larger clinic and a growing roster of fee-paying patients willing to pay a premium for health care.

Consumer Affairs

Hipsters Turning to Concierge Healthcare

JUNE 28, 2012—A hipster is typically somewhere between their 20s and 30s, and usually exists on the forefront of everything new and unconventional. Some people are turned off by hipster types and label them pretentious. While this hipster outlook and lifstyle has been traditionally centered on fashion, music, and films that exist outside of the mainstream market, it has now included of all things ... healthcare. Younger consumers who seek alternative ways to spend their dollars are choosing boutique or concierge medical practices, which have historically only been for the affluent. GreenField Health is another boutique concierge practice that caters to younger adult patients.  The Portland, Ore. based company charges a sliding retainer fee based on the age of the patient.

OregonLive/The Oregonian

Food and creativity combine for old friends in monthly cooking club

MAR. 27, 2012—When you create a meal, you're often creating something much more than just food. An occasion; a sense of home; a celebration of a fleeting ingredient or season. Or rather, that's what you'd like to create. More often, you're creating a sense of contained panic, an attempt to get dinner on the table in 20 minutes, a return to the same tired recipes because you're too drained to think of anything else. But every now and then, you can tap into this spirit of creation. Ideally, with your dear friends.

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An Oregon initiative takes aim at poorly treated back pain

JAN. 31, 2012—After suffering a back injury last year, Dr. David Hays learned how hard it is to follow expert advice to avoid immediate use of imaging tests and strong prescription pain relievers. The screaming pain made it tough to resist seeking more aggressive treatment. "It's a scary thing," says Hays, a family medicine physician in Portland. "I definitely understand the desire to figure out what's going on and try to fix it quickly."