Dr. Ferrier and Ryan Crosby MSW, RYT will teach a class on myofascial release--entitled Foam Roller Class--on Sat., 4/8, 10 am-Noon, through Lake Oswego Parks and Rec.

Myofascial release is a technique that focuses on releasing muscular tightness and inflammation. Musculoskeletal strain can occur with injuries, surgery or chronic stress on any part of the body. Using a foam roller and gentle pressure from body weight and gravity, participants learn to massage and release areas of the body that have lost flexibility or have become stiff and painful.

“It's great for releasing muscle tension, relieving pain and reducing stress on the body," Dr. Ferrier says. "Everyone can benefit.”

Cost is $35 for Lake Oswego residents, $53 for nonresidents.

Register here.

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