GreenField Health is starting 2018 with enthusiasm and great energy. We're delighted to welcome three new clinicians, Leesa Azar, MD, Melanie Doak, MD, Jose Guillen, PA-C, and Cheston Wong PA-C. They all will practice at the Westside office.  

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Dr. Leesa Azar, a Portland native, joins our Westside office with 25 years of experience practicing medicine. Most recently Leesa was affiliated with Providence Medical Group-Mercantile in Lake Oswego.

“Being a doc is a hard job, but what keeps me going is knowing that I’ve helped someone,” she says. “This is the greatest reward, knowing I’ve saved a life, improved someone’s life, or made them feel better.”

The “bedrock,” as Leesa calls it, of her philosophy of caring for patients is living up to their trust. “It is my ongoing goal is to keep them healthy, well, and as happy as possible.”

Another attribute of Leesa’s commitment to her practice is a passion for continuous learning about the most important medical developments. “My passion for learning stems from attending PSU, where I graduated w/ high honors and as the outstanding senior in chemistry,” she explains. “Originally I majored in chemistry because I wanted to do research on the link between nutrition and disease.”

After earning a master’s degree in biochemistry from Cornell University, Leesa volunteered for a domestic violence shelter, which re-oriented her career ambitions from the lab to the clinical setting when she could be directly involved with helping people. She applied for medical school at OHSU and began her path in medicine.


GFH E Dan Crawford2

Dr. E. Dan Crawford believes in medicine as providing a sense of well being, to his patients, colleagues, staff, and the community at large. His is an informed point of view, cultivated by years of being a family physician in SE Portland along with opportunities to practice internationally in Indonesia for nearly ten years and more recently in Liberia during the Ebola crisis of 2014. 

His calm demeanor comes from someone who has a wealth of experience as a doctor, from treating every day concerns to managing acute crises. The key driver for Dan is the connection with his patients. This drew him to GreenField Health. "I was aware of GreenField when I was practicing at South Tabor," he says. "I saw this opportunity and was attracted to the clinic's model and values." Relationship, service and reliability align perfectly with his, adding "I've tried to emulate them all of my career."

Dan's dedication to medicine goes way back. "I've want to be a doctor since grade school," he says. His parents supported his interest and he became the first in his family to go in to medicine. 

In his time off, Dan enjoys teaching English as a second language, being active in his church, and reading books on his Kindle. Being a true Portlander, he also roots for the Trailblazers!


GFH Melanie Doak

Dr. Melanie Doak joins GreenField Health's Westside office after 16 years as a primary care doctor with the Portland VA Heath Care System. She chose internal medicine as her career focus because of the opportunity to manage a wide variety of medical conditions. "I have a special interest in diabetes and heart disease," she says. "I love being a primary care doctor because I can develop long-lasting relationships with my patients, which is immensely rewarding."

Melanie attended UC Davis Medical School and completed her Internal Medicine residency at OHSU in 1999. Science and biology attracted her to a career in medicine, despite dreams of being studying Marine Biology and earning a bachelor’s in Biological Sciences at Cal Poly State University. "I don't know if it was the fact that most of my peers were pre-med, or that I gradually felt a strong desire to work with people in a career where I could have an impact, but pursuing medicine soon became my focus and ultimate goal," she says.

When Melanie isn't in clinic, she spends her time with her young son, Joshua,  "the most important person in my life." She and Joshua love Oregon with its breadth of outdoor activities and wealth of food and wine. "I also love being creative, whether it is crafts, home improvement and decoration, landscape design (I've embarked on a project creating an oasis in my backyard!), or playing music."


GFH Jose Guillein

Jose Guillen, PA-C joins GreenField Health's Eastside office by way of California, where his practice focused in rural healh clinics. In addition, Jose has worked in Nicaragua and South Africa, as part of the Global Health Institute Research. 

His philosophy of care is straightforward. "I work with patients to find healthy and sustainable treatments for their medical problems and help them build a wealth of knowledge to minimize further issues."

Jose received a Master's in Public Health along with his PA-C at Emory University. He holds a Bachelor's in Psychology from Reed College. He pursued a medical career because he wanted to get into a field that helps people. This intention played out during his extensive world travels. In a planned two-week trip to Vietnam, Jose learned of a clinic whose mission was to help women caught in the sex trade industry. The clinic helped them regain their health and get training for new careers that would allow them to pursue entrepreneurial interests or non-exploitive positions with good wages and opportunity. After touring the clinic, Jose ended up staying in Vietnam for three months while he volunteered there.

Traveling the world is a passion for Jose. His goal is to visit 40 countries by the time he is 40 years old; he's well on his way, having been to 33 so far. Topping the list of favorites (for now) is Japan, where he taught English and hip hop dance.

Jose first came to Portland as a Reed student and is very happy to be back. 


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Physician Assistant Cheston Wong is part of the wave of newcomers to Portland, by way of California. Not surprisingly Portland’s famous attributes—the outdoors, food culture and thriving music scene—lured him here. As a Physician Assistant at GreenField Health, he will be working with fellow GreenField clinicians to provide primary care services that are coordinated, team-based, and personalized. 

During his undergraduate work at the University of California, Davis, Cheston provided care in a variety of clinical settings, most notably in Internal Medicine. “During this time I was the Co-Director for the Paul Hom Asian Clinic, which provides free medical services to underserved Asian American communities,” he says 

This provided him with the opportunity to work closely with other health care professionals and contributed to my interests in chronic disease management as well as preventative medicine. “My background in the field of public health has contributed to my understanding that my patients’ well-being extends beyond meeting their physical needs,” he says, “and also encompasses consideration of their social and mental needs.”

Being a part of the GreenField Westside office as a Physician Assistant provides Cheston with the opportunity to bridge his interest in the both biological sciences and social sciences. “I am excited to collaborate with my patients to improve their lives from a multidisciplinary approach” he says. “I value the importance of establishing and maintaining robust relationships with my patients and believe that such partnerships allows for the delivery of informed and appropriate healthcare.”