Can you have a biking routine during all the Pacific North West seasons? Absolutely!

Biking during all seasons has many positives. No pesky sitting in hours of traffic being at the top of the list. Have you tried biking to work? Biking is a healthy exercise that is easy on your joints, good for your heart, and great for burning calories. Plus, you can’t beat the price of gas for a bike……free!


Why Would I Bike during those cold winter months?

-Protective clothing from the winter elements is key to enjoying your bike routine. You can get protective clothing at any sports type store. Water proof or water resistant gear is essential to the PNW winter season.

- Make sure your bike and tires are in great working condition. There are different types of tires for all different seasons. You can even buy studded tires for your bike during the few snowfalls we get in the PNW.

-If you will be biking during the dark, ALWAYS be prepared with bike lights and or reflective gear. 



How to stay safe during winter biking:

-Be prepared. Check road conditions and ride safely.

-Protect your body from the elements. Make sure to keep your head, hands and feet warm.

-Cars are less aware of bike riders during the winter. Ride defensively.

-There is less light during winter months, be prepared to ride in the dark with the correct safety precautions. 



*Tips compiled from multiple online sources 

*Photos via multiple online sources and Aixe Djela

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