We are your partner in innovative, comprehensive, and proactive care with a passion to heal.

Our Services

Internal Medicine

Health and wellness for adults. Our team of providers’ style of care is long-term, evidence-based, and a blend of Eastern and Western best practices. We try to see fewer patients, so they can spend more quality time during clinic visits.

Family Medicine

Our holistic approach means considering and caring for your entire family — from newborns to grandparents. Activate GreenField Health family-wide and receive a discount while surrounding your family with a standard of care truly different from the norm — wherever they are in the world.

Adolescent Medicine

While adolescents and young adults are typically healthy, some health and social problems either begin or peak during these years. Our providers are attuned to signals of problems so they can be treated. The GreenField team works with all young patients to instill healthy habits to prevent chronic diseases during adulthood.

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition counseling is an important dimension of proactive health care. Our registered dietitian nutritionist consults to all of our care teams, providing medical nutrition therapy for management of current conditions. She also helps our adult and pediatric populations reach their food and nutrition goals.

Physical Therapy

Our therapists are experts in evidence-based manual therapy and specialists in the evaluation and treatment of patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain.

Aesthetic Medicine

Working to take care of and revitalize the largest organ of the body - your skin.


Our psychiatrist provides one-time psychiatric evaluations, offering mental health diagnosis and medication recommendations.

Social Work

Our Behavioral Health Specialists understand the mind/body connection, and can assist in improving emotional wellbeing.

Osteopathic Medicine

We'll look at the whole person when evaluating the best treatment and care, while focusing on prevention techniques for the future.

Telemedicine and Extended Hours

Get the healthcare you need without leaving your home. This service brings many advantages to patients in this worrisome time.

Curbside Care

Stay in your car for a blood pressure check, to get your temperature taken, or get a vaccine. We will come to you! Just call your health coordinator, schedule a time, and give us a call when you get to the office.

World-Wide Care Advantage

If you're working remote from the coast, the mountains, or somewhere in between we are here for you. If you needed a change of scenery during this difficult time and headed for the hills or sunny California - we are still here for you with phone care, telemedicine visits, all records management, and even mental health services online as well!

Our Story

Sydney kids shoot

GreenField Health started with the goal of being a primary care clinic rooted in the values of relationship, service, and reliability. Dr. Chuck Kilo and his colleagues developed an innovative practice design that freed the doctor from the visit-based mentality and offered something many patients wanted — time with their doctor to become fully known as a person.

The clinic now has more than 5,000 patients and a staff of highly qualified clinicians, health coordinators, a licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator, and an in-house partnership with physical therapy.

The model Dr. Kilo pioneered  is still in place. This enables our practitioners to provide high-quality care through more time with their patients in the form of office visits, secure messages, and phone calls. The values and the commitment to providing patients ready access, a trustworthy team, and sound medical advice still drive the practice.