Greenfield Health delivers its mission through relationship, service, and reliability—values that provide a framework for an innovative practice design to deliver great care to our members.

We have adopted Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s triple aim standard: 

  • Improve the health of our patient population
  • Enhance the experiences and health outcomes for each individual patient
  • Use resources judiciously and manage costs for the benefit of our patients and the community

While these three goals are usually well aligned, they are sometimes in conflict. Our team at Greenfield Health always puts the health and well being of our members first.

Greenfield’s philosophy is to provide care that is safe and evidence based.  Evidence based medicine emphasizes the use of well-designed and conducted medical research to guide healthcare decision making. Where clear evidence does not exist, which is unfortunately still fairly frequent, we seek to apply the best available science to guide care. This is balanced with the art of medicine—that is combining science with our knowledge of individual patient’s values and preferences to provide the most effective care possible. We discourage the use of unproven tests and treatments because they usually offer little or no benefit and can put or patients at risk.

Everyone at GreenField is an essential part of our team. Our clinicians, our health coordinators and greeters work together to provide direct clinical care.  Our equally professional medical records, information technology, and business office staff help to create and maintain our ability to care for our members.