When GreenField Health opened its doors in 2001, the clinic had a vision, four doctors and zero patients.

GreenField Health started with an intention to be a primary care clinic rooted in the values of relationship, service and reliability. Dr. Chuck Kilo and colleagues developed an innovative practice design that freed the doctor from the visit-based mentality and offered something many patients wanted—time with their doctor and being fully known as a person.

The clinic now has over 5,000 members and a staff of highly qualified clinicians, health coordinators, a licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator, and an in-house partnership with physical therapy. The model Dr. Kilo pioneered—a tiered membership fee based on age—is still in place, which enables the clinic to have salaried practitioners whose benchmark for quality care is time with their patients in the form of office visits, secure messages, and phone calls. Still driving the practice are the values and the commitment to providing patients ready access, a trustworthy team and sound medical advice.

The health care industry now is as complex as ever. Consumers contend with high deductibles, rigid medical protocols, and an insurance reimbursement system based on volume. It’s become a competitive marketplace with many options for consumers to meet their medical needs.  But in the face of such options, a patient can feel isolated. GreenField Health’s vision of a primary care clinic still stands strong now, with a team of dedicated clinicians who know their patients well, their preferences and their history. As we have learned since opening in 2001, such patient-clinician relationships yield healthier, happier people, and that’s fundamental to why we formed this practice.