We follow three key principles—Relationship, Service, and Reliability—that guide us and all aspects of the clinic, as well as support our purpose to care for people and inspire them to health.

Build a Relationship with you.

Our patients are important to us, and we are committed to spending the time necessary in order to cultivate trust and mutual respect.

You can be confident that we will:

– Know you, your concerns, your preferences, and what is important to you.
– Communicate clearly and honestly with you.
– Respect your intelligence and time.

Provide exemplary Service on your terms, not ours.

We respect your time. We rapidly respond to your needs and help you navigate the complicated healthcare system.

You can expect:

– Easy access to your healthcare team via office visits, phone and email.
– Minimal wait time.
– Rapid reporting of lab and test results.
– Efficient referrals for treatments, tests, and specialists.

Maintain high standards for clinical Reliability.

We provide personalized, coordinated care that treats you as a partner in managing your health.

You can rely on us to:

– Apply the current best practices
– Provide all the right care but not too much care.
– Help you decide, help you be in control, help you help yourself.

Why does GreenField Health exist?

GreenField Health exists to care for people and inspire them to health.

What do we want to accomplish?

We will be a premier medical group that drives positive change in patient care, with impact locally and nationally.

What guides us?

Relationship, Service and Reliability.