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Kathy Alvarez, MD

Family Medicine | Eastside / Westside
Health Coordinator: Stefanie Paul

Dr. Kathy Alvarez has worked in both traditional and non-traditional settings, each of which adding its own depth and diversity to her practice.  She chose Family Medicine training for the opportunity to reach across generations and the reward of treating entire families.  Her experiences range from underserved community clinics and the tribal clinics of rural New Mexico to the academic setting where she specialized in women, infant and adolescent health. These opportunities and the communities she served were cornerstones to her developing an integrative and whole-person approach to health and wellness

Prior to coming to GFH she owned a solo practice for 10 years and built her panel with an emphasis on prevention of disease and the crucial component of the physician patient relationship as a partnership in health.  “The time spent in the room face to face is the key to empowering and engaging my patients to be more in control of their health”.

Kathy has found that the life-work balance is crucial to wellness and that it is important to remain flexible.  To that end, she may find that what was a visit for a cold or mild injury, may end up an opportunity to discuss areas of life affecting the immune system and balance (physical, mental, emotional).  She has a personal and professional approach to using mindfulness to manage stress and the effects of stress on health and balance.  She enjoys addressing the musculoskeletal system, as it is one of the many first responders in our body to stress.  Her experience and additional training in managing musculoskeletal pain including trigger point and other non-opioid treatment options offer a refreshing approach to the care of both acute and chronic pain.   

Kathy comes to Portland by way of Texas and New Mexico, but she considers the Pacific NW her home.  She enjoys hiking, yoga, cultural cooking and vintage shopping with her two teens. Most weekends, she can be found out in nature with her spouse and 3 dogs.

Professional Qualifications

Owner, solo practice- Partners in Wellness - 4/2010-1/2020

Assistant Professor – Oregon health & Science University 2008-2010

Partner – Texas Health Resources 2004-2008

Assistant Professor – University of New Mexico Department of Family & Community Medicine, 11/00 – 05/04

Educational Director – Maternal & Child Health program 2001-2004

UNM Medical School Admissions Committee


Medical Doctor - University of Texas Medical Branch 5/93

Bachelor of Arts - University of Dallas 5/85

Postgraduate Training:  

Internship and Residency

Family Medicine  University of New Mexico

Department of Family and Community Medicine 6/24/93 - 9/96

Board Certification         

American Board of Family Medicine -1997  (Re – certification 7/2003,  7/2010)


Oregon Medical Association 2008-present

American Academy of Family Physicians 1993-present


Mindfulness in Participatory Medicine: Context and Relevance, Society for participatory medicine. 2/14/2013 
Breastfeeding curriculum for residents and medical students; a multidisciplinary approach. J. Human Lactation. 2005

Community Outreach /public speaking

                Eating Disorders in Female Athletes –Kor Physical therapy 7/24/2014       

                Stress management workshop – Kor physical Therapy 2013                                                                          

                Keynote Speaker – American Heart Association – GO Red for Women. 2/2007.  Breakout session, “Stress Management for your heart” – 2/2007

                Ft. Worth Small Business Group - “stress Management for success in your work” 2006.

                Ft. Worth Womens Business – “Imagine a stress free me” 10/2005