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Ria Nochera, MSW

Behavioral Health Specialist | Eastside


Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Ria Nochera graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from the College of Charleston in 2012, where she worked with underserved elementary school students as well as young adults with disabilities. For the next several years Ria worked in the wilderness therapy field, which included guiding adolescents in the backcountry of Utah and, later, helping students (and their families) transition from the backcountry to civilization. Additionally, Ria served as the resident Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the remote Ojai Foundation in southern California, where she led yoga and meditation classes and learned timeless approaches to holistic health. Ria has worked with a wide variety of populations throughout these experiences, including those with substance use issues, LGBTQ+ challenges, personality disorders, and those on the autism spectrum.


Ria recently graduated from Portland State University with a Masters in Social Work. Throughout graduate school, her clinical experience involved treating adults with severe and persistent mental illness and serving university students with special needs. Other relevant graduate experience includes working as a school social worker for Portland Public Schools and serving as a graduate research assistant for BUILD EXITO, an NIH-funded initiative to increase diversity in the biomedical field. 

A strong believer in balance, Ria draws from both Eastern and Western philosophies, ideologies, and treatment approaches in order to provide an individualized experience. This includes proficiency with cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness practices. Additionally, Ria incorporates a systemic perspective into her clinical social work, which acknowledges and seeks to dismantle the effects of institutional oppression.


Ria believes that the individual is the expert of their own lives and works collaboratively with her clients in order to assist them in finding their own answers, while still bringing her expertise to the table when outside solutions and inspiration are needed. Throughout her clinical experience, Ria has witnessed significant development in many of her clients, by providing them with a space for informed dialogue without judgement. 


In your sessions with Ria, you can expect a warm atmosphere, a space for reflection and processing, and maybe even a shared laugh or two. Ria is open to feedback and encourages her clients to be open so that they can work effectively together. Ria works with adolescents, adults, and families. Ria’s specialties include treating anxiety, depression, Autism spectrum disorders, stress, grief, and issues related to learning/school. Schedule a session with Ria today!