Access to Us: We Are Available to You 24/7/365

A GreenField physician is available to you 24/7/365. It’s critical that you have access to us at all times, and while we’ve always been on call for you, many have not been aware past few that you can reach us nights, weekends, and holidays via our main number – 503-292-9560. 

Why is access to us 24/7/365 critical? The primary reason is because we care about you, and because we have the most updated information on your healthcare. We never want you going to the emergency room or urgent care which are both expensive and where you frequently have quite a wait when we can generally help you with a phone call. Certainly, if you have a real emergency such as an accident or significant injury, or concerns about a heart attack or stroke for example, then please proceed to the ER. However, in other less time sensitive situations, we’d like to know if you are considering giving us a call. It’s often that case that we can help prevent ER and urgent are visits via a phone call because we know you, we can access your records and we will take the time to listen. If you do need to go to the ER, we’d also like to know about it and be in touch with emergency department staff.

We’re also available when you are traveling in the US or overseas. You can reach us by phone or email, noting that email should not be used for urgent needs.

Please call us when you need us – 503-292-9560.