Happy Holidays GreenField Patients!

Holiday ornament

From the entire GreenField team to you and your family - we hope your Thanksgiving was joyful and safe. We are very thankful to have the opportunity to serve you. Your support has been so helpful in 2018 and look forward to growing together.


We Are Taking New Patients, including Medicare

We are ready for your referrals! We want to expand our services to you and we need to increase our membership to provide us with the resources to innovate more effectively. We know that growth and great service can go hand-in-hand – that’s our intent.

We are committed to you and to impeccable service and deep, trust-based relationships. It’s what we’ve believed in and what we have are dedicated to since GreenField started in 2001. With new, fantastic clinicians on board, we need your referrals – family members, friends, co-workers, and others. Your referrals for new GreenField patients help us help you.

We know that we are not always perfect, but we continue to strive for perfection and continuous improvement. That is central to what we do, personally and organizationally. By growing, we will serve you even better, keeping our services as personal as you want, expect, and deserve.

We’ve recruited some fabulous new clinicians and now offer new services to continue to ensure high-touch, world-class care for our members.  Our new programs include:  

  • Diabetes management that helps reduce debilitating long-term complications
  • Weight management that is effective and sustained (Starting February 1, 2019)
  • Eating disorder care to help those who suffer from food disorders return to a more normal life
  • Integrative medicine which brings together our traditional, “allopathic” medicine with naturopathic approaches
  • Osteopathic manipulation for your muscular needs
  • Addiction management for those struggling with chronic pain and opioid dependence
  • Chronic disease management when you are balancing multiple conditions such as depression, hypertension and diabetes

Can We Help Your Company?

We also want to work with your company. Healthcare is expensive and many companies don’t feel like they have an advocate within the delivery system. The costs of healthcare divert employer money away from more productive investments in people or other priorities. Like you, that doesn’t make us happy.

GreenField serves a number of companies who want a better healthcare experience and an opportunity to manage their healthcare costs more effectively, along with better service using our same-day access, email and phone care opportunities. The best care and the most cost-effective care come from being directly connected to the right primary care group to serve as your personal advocate and you company’s advocate. GreenField can provide those services to your company.

If you are interested, please email or call

Dr. Chuck Kilo
503-705-6736 Cell

Traci Rieckmann
503-577-3414 Cell

A Reminder! We Are Available to You 24/7/365

Please remember that a GreenField clinician is available to you 24/7/365. It’s critical that you have access to us at all times, yet many are not aware that you can reach us nights, weekends, and holidays via our main number – 503-292-9560. We are here for you!

Why is access to us 24/7/365 critical? Because we care about you, and because we have the most updated information on your healthcare. We never want you going to the emergency room or urgent care which are both expensive and involve long waits when we can generally help you with a phone call. Certainly, if you have a real emergency such as an accident, significant injury, or concerns about a heart attack or stroke for example, then please proceed to the ER and let us know along the way if you are able. However, in less time-sensitive situations, please call us first. We can often help prevent ER and urgent visits.

We’re also available when you are traveling in the US or overseas. Don’t hesitate to reach us by phone if urgent or email if more routine and non-urgent.