Tai chi is a nuanced form of exercise that has significant health benefits, as Jane Brody reports in the NY Times, "Using Tai Chi to Build Strength."

"I certainly was surprised by its effects on strength," she writes in the Sept. 10 Personal Health column, "but good research — and there’s been a fair amount of it by now — doesn’t lie. If you’re not ready or not able to tackle strength-training with weights, resistance bands or machines, tai chi may just be the activity that can help to increase your stamina and diminish your risk of injury that accompanies weak muscles and bones."

The Portland metropolitan area offers many options for classes, as listed on the Taoist Tai Chi Society website:  

  • Portland Center
    Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA
    2251 NE Glisan 
  • Portland - Beaverton - Sunset Swim Center
    Sunset Swim Center
    13707 NW Science Park Dr 
  • Portland – Friendly House Sr Center
    1737 NW 26th Ave 

  • Portland – Holladay Park Plaza
    1300 NE 16th Avenue 
  • Portland – Hollywood Sr Center
    1829 NE 40th Avenue 

  • Portland – Rose City Park United Methodist
    5830 NE Alameda St 
  • Portland – Terwilliger Plaza
    2545 SW Terwilliger Blvd 
  • Portland – Trenton Terrace
    4720 N Trenton St